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Psychologically Grounded
ADHD Coaching Online

I help 20-something to 40-somethings with ADHD to find ways of working and being that work with their brains instead of against them.


I use a psychologically grounded coaching approach, so I give the phrase "Positive Vibes Only!" a serious side-eye.


The Life Coach for people who roll their eyes at Life Coaches

Life isn't panning out as you thought it would. You had plans and aspirations at one point, but you've become so entrenched in everyday life that you've almost forgotten about them. You're starting to realise just how long life has been "ok" for, and "ok" has been ok...but for how much longer? You know you need to make a change, make a jump - to find SOMETHING more than just, "ok"...but where to start?

You've probably seen a lot of Life Coaches who profess to be able to help you achieve an amazing life but something about them doesn’t sit right with you. Maybe you're put off by the seemingly perfect "positive vibes only!" (ugh), or, "You're in control of your life - just believe and you'll achieve!" crowds, which somehow make you feel worse. Or, maybe you've seen a lot of "guru" type coaches who charge astronomical amounts to dole out dubious advice to their clients, despite having no qualifications that make them an authority.

My mission is to help people like you to access "woo" free psychologically grounded life coaching so that you can reconnect with what makes your heart sing and achieve what you started to think was impossible. So you can live a life that's more than "ok".

And I will NEVER tell you to "just think positive!". Sound good?

I will never try to sell you a "secret sauce"

Instead, I'll teach you how to use psychology to help yourself. All your successes will come from your own work!

I will always make you
feel heard

I will always talk to you as a person, not a test subject. I will never generalise, we will work with your life and your circumstances

I will never tell you
"positive vibes only"

Because that doesn't work! We will use psychological theory, grounded in scientific research, which is constantly evolving


Sarah makes each session really meaningful; sometimes it just feels as though you're having a chat, then 45 minutes later your whole perspective has shifted and you leave feeling reenergized and ready to take active steps. Looking back at myself before I started working with her, it was honestly incredible to see how far I'd come.


I've been able to step back and re-evaluate what drives me and what's important, and therefore make much better decisions. It has really helped me to take practical steps towards my goals, rather than feeling overwhelmed. 


Thank you - the work we did in our first 8 sessions is continuing to have a positive impact on my life.


Sarah is friendly and straight to the point. She listens and engages well and her questioning got me closer to the essence of what was going on. In the space of only a few sessions I felt myself moving forward in my thinking and shifting my mindset from a narrow focus to one of greater expanse. I've made the decision to finally leave my job this summer to start my business. This feels very energising and exciting. I've stopped looking specifically for my skill sets and started looking holistically of what my total life experience can bring to others.


Sarah’s strengths lie in her jovial manner and thought-provoking questions. I instantly felt comfortable talking with her […] and her questions really made me dig deep inside myself on many occasions. I would highly recommend Sarah because she makes the client feel comfortable which helps to open up.

What Clients Say


"The reason I do this is because I can’t bear the thought of people not getting help that could transform their lives because of what they've seen around what coaching is and who it’s for.


I know how it feels to want more from life, and how it feels to have tried things that haven't helped, resulting in you becoming stuck in a loop of cynicism and negativity."

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