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About Me

Hi, I’m Sarah. I help people who want more than just an "ok" life to reconnect with what makes their heart sing and do what they'd started to think impossible - even though they may be a bit cynical about the world of life coaching and personal development.

I do this because I know how off-putting certain styles of coaching can be if they're not your thing (you won't find any "Positive Vibes Only!" with this coach) – along with the fact that there are, unfortunately, downright charlatans in the business. I also know how frustrating it is when you've taken steps to try to improve your life but what you've tried hasn't worked, resulting in you feeling increasingly cynical.

I thrive on helping others overcome problems so they can succeed. I have experience working in various sectors, including Tech, Healthcare and Education. My decision to train as a coach was made after my own experience of coaching helped me to achieve things I'd never thought possible after developing chronic pain and fatigue as a result of Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobility Syndrome, a hereditary connective tissue disorder. The sense of reconnection to myself as a result of these achievements was so profound that I knew I wanted to put my psychological background to use to help others feel the same.

I also have lived experience as a woman with ADHD (and all the fun stuff that comes with it!) and am keen to support those who consider themselves neurodivergent.


"No, 'positive vibes only!', just psychologically grounded coaching."

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