Life isn't panning out as you thought it would (ok, the 5-letter C-word means that's true of almost all of us right now, but I digress). You did have plans and aspirations at one point, but you've become so entrenched in everyday life that you'd forgotten about them. You're starting to realise just how long life has been "ok" for, and "ok" has been ok...but not for much longer. You need to make a change, make a jump - to find SOMETHING more than just, "ok"...but what would that even look like?

You've probably seen a lot of Life Coaches who profess to be able to help you achieve this amazing life but something about them doesn’t sit right with you. Maybe you're put off by the seemingly perfect "positive vibes only!" (ugh), or, "You're in control - just believe and you'll achieve!" mantras, which somehow make you feel worse. Or, maybe you've seen a lot of "guru" type coaches who charge astronomical amounts to pressure their clients into following their advice which feels a bit dubious.

My mission is to help people like you to access "woo" free evidence-based coaching so that you can reconnect with what makes your heart sing and achieve what you started to think impossible. So you can live a life that's more than "ok".

And, I swear, I will NEVER tell you to "just be positive!". Sound good? Read Step 1 of How We Will Work Together.

ADHD Coaching


I also offer coaching for adults with ADHD. We can still help you re-connect with what makes your heart sing, but with an added practical focus on the specifics of ADHD. I am able to accept funding from Access to Work.

How we will work together

FREE Introductory Call

We'll talk about what's led you to consider coaching, why you're no longer happy with just an "ok" life and how I can help you with that. This call is also a chance for you to ask any questions about my background or how I coach.

This call is a video call over Skype and lasts approx. 45 minutes

Step 1

Your Coaching Course

I offer a range of coaching options depending on your need and circumstances. All sessions are held over Skype.

  • 8 x 1-hour coaching sessions over 4 months @ £170 per month

    • ​The spacing of sessions is designed to give you time to work on your objectives, while the total duration of the coaching course will help you implement sustainable change (our in-session breakthroughs will just be the beginning – sustained change will come from the work you put in day-to-day!).

  • 8 x 1-hour coaching sessions over 4 months with between session email coaching @ £195 per month

    • Email support in-between sessions lets us tackle any hurdles before our next session, keeping up momentum and providing accountability

  • Express Coaching - 8 coaching sessions over 2 months @ £340 per month

    • If you've got a time-sensitive challenge you want to work on, this is for you

Step 2

Optional Booster Sessions

Once you've finished your coaching course, I offer "top-up" or booster sessions.

  • One-off ad-hoc sessions @ £87 per session

  • Pack of 3 sessions, held monthly @ £250

Step 3