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The "Winners Never Quit" Mindset is Killing Us

Ohhh there’s been a lot of lip-flapping over Simone Biles the last few days hasn’t there?

I have not seen a SINGLE gymnast who hasn’t backed up her decision to the hilt. Because they understand the game and how dangerous the sport is if you’re not on top of it. To have carried on could have resulted in a life-altering or deadly injury (if you’re not familiar with what can happen when you push on in gymnastics, look up Elena Mukhina).

But there are really people out here carping on about how she let down the team and somehow isn’t worthy of GOAT or elite status because she decided to withdraw (although let’s take a sec to acknowledge that part of why she stepped down was FOR her team, because she knew that if she carried on she’d likely cost them a medal. She could have carried on because, “I’m the greatest!”. She didn’t.). Because you push on whatever, right?


Not listening to your body and mind has consequences. Not just for you, but those around you too. Your team. Your friends. Your family. And for people you don’t even know as the “you must never quit” narrative spills out into the wider world. It results in ill mental and physical health and can result in death, be that from an accident or the long term effects of stress or depression (P***s M****n may want to take note that men with “Type A” personalities who have high levels of depression and hostility have the highest mortality rates after a cardiac event. Might want to chill your beans P***s.).

I’ve seen a few carpers make comments like, “we need stronger role models for our kids, not people who quit”.

Far from being strong, this attitude is telling us to ignore our humanity in the quest for “greatness” (whatever the hell that is). To push ourselves further and further and to hell with the fallout. To disregard the impacts on those around us, so long as we’re at the top.

That’s not strength, that’s selfishness. And pointless, too. Because now, you have to pick up the pieces.

The decision that Simone (and Naomi Osaka before her) made wouldn’t have been taken lightly. These are savvy women who knew that if they didn’t listen to what their bodies and minds were telling them that they would break something. They did it knowing there would probably be some sort of fallout. That there would be people calling them names and casting aspersions on their professionalism.

THAT is strength.

Purple text on a white background reads “The winners never quit mindset is killing us”. An emoji of a goat in a gymnasts leotard with a gold medal around its neck jumping in the splits is below and to the right . This is all surrounded by a turquoise box.

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